A weekend in Oslo

  For one of my trips, I decided to go on Ryanair’s website and see what was the cheapest flight option for the end of August. Turns out, it was Olso, Norway! I know, I was surprised as well. Isn’t Norway very expensive? Oh yes, it is, but the flight was around 30-40£ return so... Continue Reading →


Things to see in Berlin

Famous for being home to all kinds of artists and art lovers, Berlin is an European city that should not be missed. With the shadows of the past still lingering over it, the city is caught in an eternal contrast between old and new, classic and modern, regret and forgiveness. I lived in this controversial... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

As I travel and see the world, I would love to share with you my experiences, tips, stories and places along the way. We're gonna talk about destinations and what I believe it's a MUST SEE, but we're also gonna start a conversation and discover what is beyond main attractions, prices and accommodation. I'm Ana... Continue Reading →

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